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[求助]ACER小狗機還原 Help!! Acer Travelmate 3002

I bought an Acer Travelmate 3002 while I was in Taiwan in a business trip couple years ago. It crashed about a month ago when I download a stupid Intel chipsets driver from Acecr website.

'since I live in California, I sent it to a local repairing store. they told me that they cannot fix it because acer's bios or partition table. now the pqservice - the hidden drive is gone. alt + F10 is gone. the recovery CD hanged at the last step, after I put in system CD, copied ghost file CD (disk 1 of 2, disk 2 of 2), then back to system CD. it copied all the files. then reboot, window xp logo showed up, then hang. I have been searched the web for months to find a solution without shipping it back to Taiwan for restoring. the shipping cost can buy a new acer netbook. Acer aspire netbook is only US$200 here during Christmas time. anyhow, anyone has an idea to bring back this dead machine? I read some threads, like Post Acer Disk Formatter CD ISO Image, NAPP CD, mbrwrwin, how to make it work?? anyone has the original disk image that can help me? please kindly upload it to torrent or emule? Acer charge $NT 800 to restore the system. I'm willing to pay for the amount if anyone can help me get this machine work again. it had window xp home chinese OS before the crash. My skype name is winifred1050. phone: +1-415-508-3758, email:

thank you for help in advance.
winifredj wrote:
I bought a...(恕刪)


問題看起來有兩種可能,一是機器過熱當機,拿壓縮空氣噴一下風扇及出風口,清一下灰塵。 二是可能硬碟有壞軌,所以還原或機器讀到某個地方就掛點。 可以試試看拿別的硬碟看看會不會當掉。

最糟的狀況是機器本身有問題,不過這機器已經出來應該有近四年了,不值得再花大錢修。 修的錢再加一加可以買一台更新的。


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ishtar wrote:


Change a hard drive and remove memory ( If it has 2 dimms).
I think the problem you can narrow down to hdd. Or, your recovery cd has problem. Try to find a clean Window CD to re-install OS.

You probably live in Bay areas. Too far away from me.( I am in South California. Otherwise I can try to help you.

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