Thoughts/Observation on 2011/12 Volvo S60

My 2013 Volvo V60 went into the Volvo dealer in Taoyuan for re-painting the bumper and other damages. Yes, the first result was not satisfactory. Volvo Taoyuan lend me a 2011/12 Volvo S60 for replacement car - it has 63K KM on the odometer. Below is my observation:

1. Look - well, that is personal. I prefer the newer 2013 look on the front, for V60 but I think the old look is better on the S60 - personal opinion.
2. Dashboard - I kind of like the old analog design better than the new digital display. Especially at night, the white color illumination makes me calm and more appeal to the eye - again, personal opinion. If there is one thing I do not like - it is the lack of thermometer on the old dash board, you do not know when the engine warms up.
3. Driving position - emmm, this is really puzzling. I feel the old version has a much better driving position than the 2013 model and current year. The seat seems to be wider (No measurement made - just personal butt feel) and the position of the seat, in relation to the steering wheel seems more comfortable and appropriate - again for me.
4. Suspension - this is really strange. Maybe because I am driving a V60 with diesel engine and have upgraded the tire to 235/50/R17, the S60 235/45/R17 seems to give a better and firmer suspension than my V60. I called up Volvo and they told me there is no change on the damper struts etc. I am still wondering as the S60 drives a lot better - perhaps weight difference?
5. BLISS - OMG, the previous generation BLISS is a joke! It is so terrible, so slow to react - great points to the 2013 model year and salute to Volvo for making this improvement!
6. Powertrain - well, the 1.6 petrol is nice but a bit rough. I think it is a reasonable engine but that POWERSHIFT is really a piece of rubbish! I should not be surprised since it is from Ford. The engine when pushed hard for acceleration, is quite rough but still tolerable. That POWERSHIFT, if you accelerate smoothly, the gear shift is not smooth, if you drive hard, it is also not smooth. I drove up to the car park in my company, as the car climbed up, it shifted so abruptly that you can even hear the noise from the transmission! Wow, what a metal sound! I think the issue with Ford/Volvo Powershift is the re-engaging of the gear. On the other hand, I think VW DSG is very nice but reliability is in question. I am very glad the current version of S60 uses 8 speed Aishin gearbox! Good choice!
7. Brake. Volvo S60 1.6t has electric driven brake whereas, to my surprise, my diesel V60 has hydralic brake. The electric brake was much better than my V60, it brakes quickly with less depression of the pedal. I like it very much.

Overall, I am impressed by S60 petrol 1.6 turbo. I really think it represent a good value than equivalent BMW offering in the 3 series. If Volvo has V60 in 1.6 turbo version with 8 speed transmission, I will buy that! I also 'think' not proven, that the steering response between the petrol and the diesel version of the 60 series is different. The S60 is more accurate, in my opinion and faster than the V60 diesel

Thanks for reading.
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celestar wrote:
My 2013 Vo...(恕刪)


I spend a lot of time to read this post.

About your Idea.1.6 turbo version with 8 speed transmission

This is impossible.Because the 1.6 turbo version Engine is the old times product
of Ford.

New Drive-E Engine is all of 2000 c.c no matter Petrol or Diesel.

8 speed Ai-shin transmission is accompany the new Drive-E Engine System.

If you like this transmission .I Believe you will also like Drive-E too.

Thank you for Spent some time to read my poor Eng.



celestar wrote:
My 2013 Vo...(恕刪)

1. 內湖新凱還可以
2. 沒意見
3. 沒意見
4. 我自己很喜歡, 但是女生似乎都嫌太跳?
5. 沒什麼好說的, 舊的BLISS真的還滿常當機的, 但是反應速度我倒覺得ok.
6. 我要為Powershift平反一下, 換檔頓挫其實只有在1/2檔, 而且其實是聲音大於頓挫(但是金屬聲總令人害怕). 我太太的Mini六速自排頓挫更大, 但是聲音較小. Powershift可惜的是他的變速邏輯太笨, 常常在不需要降檔的時候降檔(例如上坡它就很喜歡2變1, 但其實2檔就上的去), 造成頓挫跟異音. 但是即使如此, 它還是比我自己開手排來的順, 所以已經算不錯了. 如果用手動模式的話, Powershift可以開得很順.
7. 這我倒不知道, S60T4不是hydraulic brake?

PS: you really should try google pinyin, it's fast and easy.
Dear everyone, thank you all for correcting my mistake in understanding the new ART-i petrol engine only comes with 2.0 and 8 speed transmission. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

Dearest all, indeed I can write English better not because I cannot read Chinese but just writing Chinese can be difficult and time consuming. I appreciate all of your understanding and very happy to receive the response!

I currently drive a SeaShell Grey 2013 V60 D4 in Taiwan. It is really a pleasure to know more Volvo owner in this forum!
Dear 8859K,

I think you are absolutely right about the Powershift logic being stupid. I agreed with you very much. I have no experience with Mini but I tried VW DSG many times with great pleasure - minus my concern for reliability!

I am sorry that my Pin Yin is about just as bad as my Chinese handwriting and really I seek your understanding that I resort to writing English. Actually, I think most people should pay more attention to English while keeping our Chinese roots intact! Thank you anyway!
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