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Android on Windows PC(用電腦玩android 的軟體遊戲)

Android on Windows PC(用電腦玩android 的軟體遊戲)


Android on Windows PC

YouWave for Android

High performance - The fastest way to run Android on pc
Ease of Use - Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps.
Large Screen Size.

Key Technical Features :

Supports Android 2.2 Froyo
Simulated SD card functionality - enable game saving
Saved State - enable fast restart
Unique Android ID and IMEI - enable multi-player online games
Portrait and Landscape mode - enhance gaming experience

What others are saying about us
Android Central: "YouWave makes it easy to accomplish on your Windows PC."
Easy to Run: "It is fast."
Biangala: "most of the apps I tried ran at full speed."
Compixels: "it's performance is better than Android Emulator in SDK."
*New* gphonefans(Chinese): "The most convenient Android Emulator"

Just download YouWave, install and start enjoying the fun of the Android world right on your PC!

Our Partners
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chunte wrote:
Android on...(恕刪)

這軟體和 bluestacks 有何不同 ?

還有 有那些 android apk 無法再 pc 上跑 ?

XDA 還有套 android 1.5 emulator

andy2000a wrote:
這軟體和 blues...(恕刪)

TRY 過 youwave 1.5.1
是 free 但 android 2.2
一堆 android apps 如 arm code相關都無法使用 .
至於 2.0
這邊有 但要付錢了 ..網友說 無法玩 一堆 android
還不如使用 android x86 ..

還有套 bluestacks 就找不到了 , 除非有人從 viewpad 10 Pro
抓出來 ..

跟 Windows 不是無縫的 ... 就是玩模擬器的感覺!
網路發言嘛... 多是隨便說說!別太認真..

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