If you are an Android Nougat user and looking for root your device then you are at the correct place for that. Normally Android Rooting is the best way to expose all potential of your smartphone as in normal condition we have to obey the manufacturer or the developer restrictions. However, if you are an Android 7.0 Nougat user then Rootkhp is the utmost option available among other rooting tools.

Rootkhp Pre-requirements
Important: Mke a Complete Backup of your Android before root.
Rootkhp is a windows based tool so you have to download it into your PC. Install the correct device drivers in your PC.
Enable USB debugging of your mobile device in order to connect it to the PC.
If you have installed a virus guard disable it until you finish the rooting.

Rootkhp Use Guide
Step 1: Download the rootkhp into your PC and install it.
Step 2: Enable your Smartphone mobile debugging option.
Step 3: Connect the mobile to the PC.
Step 4: Launch the installed rootkhp and click on the Root option available there.
Step 5: Rooting will begin at the next moment and it will take a few minutes to complete it.
Step 6: Once the tool finished rooting your nougat it will show you a success message. Then you can disconnect the device.
Restart your mobile. You can use a Root Checker to verify the root procedure which you have executed.

However, Rootkhp APK version is still not available so you are supposed to download it into your Windows PC. Download the latest version available for better performances. The available latest version is rootkhp v 1.6 which is compatible with many devices. Rootkhp is exclusive works through the Windows PC and there seems not mac or Linux version available out there.

Rootkhp v 1.6 Latest Version
Seems more stable than the previous versions.
Support all most all the android mobiles which running under instructions of Android Nougat.
Issues reported previously were successfully addressed by the latest version.
Included Russian and the German language supportability.

Note: It is highly recommended you to pick the trustworthy root tool if you wish to root your valuable handset. Normally it allows you to access the administrative privileges and manage it according to your choices. But there is a risk associated with Android rooting as a simple made by you cause to brick your Android permanently. So be careful.

Wish you all the best.