【Exciting】Happy Double Tenth National Day !!!

【Exciting】Happy Double Tenth National Day !!!

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Double Tenth National Day :
• On October 10th of the year 1911, the revolutionary army started the Wuchang Uprising, and finally overthrew the corruptive Qing Dynasty. The Republic of China was founded thereafter.

•西元 1911 年的十月十日,革命軍發動武昌起義,推翻了腐敗的清朝,建立中華民國。
• Hence every year on October 10th, the whole nation takes the day off to celebrate the birthday of the Republic of China.

• Dad says that every country has its national day. Mainland China celebrates its National Day on October 1st. The United States celebrates Independence Day on July 4th. France celebrates Bastille Day on July 14th.

• Dad says that when he was young, on Double Tenth Day there often was a military review in front of the presidential office building.

• After being trained for months, soldiers and college students were arranged in phalanx, and marched past the reviewing stand in goose step.

• Many sophisticated weapons were also displayed in front of the countrymen.

• After Taiwan democratized, there no longer was a military review on the National Day.

• But there still have been many bustling activities everywhere to celebrate the Double Tenth Day. The most spectacular ones are fireworks displays at night.

• Last week I saw Mainland China's national day military review on TV. It was splendid. Dad says that ten several years ago, Taiwan's National Day was just like that.


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