Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook by Uncover® 開標

Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook by Uncover®

9500.00開標 全世界3台,01有誰要衝XD

Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook®
A Limited Edition of Three
by Uncover®

A year ago the world lost a force of nature in technology. His willpower, creative vision and business instincts disrupted no less than 9 different industries, and he inspired us all to try and do insanely great things.

In his honour we have crafted three MacBook Pro Retina’s, based on the design by Hong Kong-based artist Jonathan Mak. We’ve meticulously cut the silhouette of Jobs from the edges of the Apple and filled it up again with high quality epoxy. Each has the lesser known "Once you realise that" quote by Steve Jobs laser-tattooed on the bottom, as a covert mantra for inspiration.

All proceeds from this auction will be split between the charity Get It Done and a fund that we ourselves set up with the people at SellanApp, dedicated to creating iOS apps (yes, iOS, it's a tribute guys) that have value for society.

We deliberated long on what the best charity would be. Perhaps the most appropriate would be to donate it to a Steve Jobs’ trust, but the problem is any profit our Tribute Auction could make, is only a drop in a bucket. Also there's the fact that Steve Jobs didn't believe in charity as much as he believed in the power of great products and initiatives.

So we decided to support something more small scale and more local, but still have a global impact:

Half of the profit of this auction will be given to crowdfunding platform SellanApp to help them form special fund that supports the development of apps that lack a suitable business model, but have value to society and deserve to be built.

To channel the other half to the crowdfunding charity Get It Done was a no-brainer. This is an organisation that doesn’t just just gets things done, they also just get it. They get that aid doesn’t work unless it closely involves and engages people. Their crowdfunding platform connects projects with donors like no other, and we hope to help their cause by pledging half the proceeds, to then double donations made to projects by donors.

Limited edition, limitless possibilities.
It goes without saying the Retina MacBooks have top-of-the-line configurations, with 2,7 Ghz, 16GB memory and 768GB solid state drive, to make sure a limited edition still grants limitless possibilities.

About Uncover
Uncover creates the world's most dramatic custom MacBooks. We lasercut out any design, to let the computer's innate backlight shine through, like normally, the Apple® logo does. Our clients range from art collectors and public speakers to some of the world's most prominent DJ's.

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This is an aftermarket customized product. All screen-related warranty service is the sole responsibility of Uncover Ltd. Apple Inc is under no obligation to repair or refund this product. Uncover Ltd is not an authorized reseller of Apple Inc. MacBook, MacBook Pro and Retina are trademarks belonging to Apple Inc.


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