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Galaxy Note N7000 ROM分享 + xda英文版ROM中文化

AryaMod V1 中文化


AryaMod features:

Firmware LTA 4.1.2
c.o.h.'s HelloWorld [v1.3.7b] thanks @crime_of_heart
PhilZ Recovery, thanks to @Phil3759
Modem LT3
Deodexed & Zipaligned
Rooted with SuperSU 1.86, big thanks @Chainfire, su updated
Busybox installed
Tweaked for better performance and scrolling
init.d optimizations
Slightly De-bloat
Music Control added to Settings under Sound option thanks @xperiacle
Long Press to Kill Button; choose between Menu or Back, again thanks @xperiacle
Enable/disable Edge Zoom used in email and browser
Enable/disable Smart Rotation & Smart Stay
Enable/disable CRT Animation fully working
Timeout delay across OS adjusted
Scrolling cache across OS disabled
Extended Power Menu, screenshot added
Ink color changer with all colors, thanks @mythtrandyr for sharing his wonderful mod
Added torch and airplane toggles
Enabled Airview + Control Panel + S Pen Gesture thanks @not-i and @majdini
MMS Hacks (tones of mods added, find some features under messaging settings), thanks @jovy23
Call Record enabled
Acceding ringtone disabled
All apps on Multiwindow
Lockscreen Shortcuts enabled
Transparent status bar on Launcher and Lock screen
Enable/disable camera shutter sound
Kit Kat Status Bar, fully themed and added gradient, thanks to @ATTACK
Stock apps' icon themed with Note3 icons
Note3 weather icons and clock on lockscreen
Note 3 style contact picture, messaging bubble and background (Phone, Contact and Messaging apps)
Light themed Multiwindow thanks @Winterlove for his tutorial
Note 3 style weather widget thanks @galaxynote2
Note 3 media files
Custom wallpapers added to SecWallpaperChooser.apk
Moved S-Note to data/app for better ram management
Re-sizable Pop Up Browser, thanks to @Gyebro
Sub-symbols on stock keyboard
Fully working dark AOKP keyboard from SlimRom 4.3.1 thanks to SlimRom team
Added Flash player
Added Xposed framework installer (thanks to rovo89)
Added XQuickSettingsToggles (new toggles also themed)
ZipInstaller 4.1.1, with hot boot fix you can use recovery actions thanks @beerbong (find features here)
S-Translator form S4, working flawlessly even on mobile data thanks @Zeuscluts
QuickOffice from Note3 (symlinked)
Some Google apps updated
And maybe more but can’t remember right now


pinker wrote:
AryaMod V1...(恕刪)


deathdon wrote:

我兩支手機,N1 和 N2 都有

pinker wrote:
我兩支手機,N1 和...(恕刪)


deathdon wrote:

X-ROM XXLT4 Phablet 中文化


Rooted, Deodex with busybox XXLT4 base
coh's Hello World kernel (you can flash Philz's kernel or Speedmod kernel if you prefer)
Stock theme
Xposed framework and some modules
Switch between different UIs (limited to two types for now)
Switch to different Multiwindow Styles (tell me how it goes)
Multi-Instance support for some apps
App to choose multiwindow apps
Launch an app from the Settings menu
Floating Multiwindow Control app
Changing from one dpi to another will save your TW Launcher Homescreen setup and will automatically restore it when you come back.
Phablet keyboard when in phablet mode and stock keyboard when in phone mode

Lockscreen Torch
Skip Track to skip songs
CRT-off effect
Ink Effect
Call Recording
a lot more...

Unlike other ROMS, this rom has:
NO build.prop tweaks (choose your own - there are apps that do that)
NO performance tweaks (choose your own but may add it in a future release)
NO sound enhancement tweaks (choose your own - there are lots out there)
NO themes (I am not a themer so I leave it to some generous themers to contribute)
NO slim version (Freeze or Uninstall the apps you don't need, everyone has their own preference)





省電? 待機1天掉3%還可以嗎?

渴望神ROM已久, 不知從那下載, FACEBOOK又加不了,糾結中.....
之前在社團中 L&P大有發一款黑鑚撥號,在通話設定裡 通話錄音按了會FC,小弟我在某位大大(我忘了名子)的ROM裡提取出一個apk檔,可以解決這問題 提供給有刷黑鑚鍵盤的機友修正 修正完後可選擇呼入 撥出自動錄音 也可以取消 改成手動
方法根目錄 system/app 權限3讀1寫 覆蓋進去 重新開機

L&P NOTE Team黑鑚鍵盤錄音FC修正

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