Archos 70IT 101IT 2.3.20 韌體釋出


Application: a new Archos remote service and universal Android application to control your Archos device remotely using Wi-Fi. It is intended to operate your Archos using any Android phone/device for instance when the Archos is connected to the TV
Application: a new Archos youtube application to easily view and play youtube videos
Network shares: samba network share transfer speed has been enhanced to support HD streaming
Network shares: password protected shares are now discoverable
Media library: improve indexing behavior and robustness
Media info scraper: more robust poster and information retrieval process for TV and movie shows
Media library cleaning: all multimedia information (movie/tv shows posters and indexation data) can be cleared through settings->repair/formatting/reset multimedia library entry
Contacts: fix importation and exportation of Vcards
Applications: fix sound muted when initiating a call with Fring
Screen snapshot: fix capture for all screens and TV
Camera: increase quality of 720P H264 recording (decrease blockiness effect)
Multimedia: improve UPNP stability preventing hangs when Wi-Fi connection stops
Multimedia: for shoutcast network streams display url, station, genre on MusicPlayer
Multimedia: fix next playing video being paused at start in folder play mode
Multimedia: MMS playback support has been fixed
Multimedia: MIDI playback support has been fixed
Multimedia: fix compatibility with Rhapsody player application
Audio: fixed alarm volume when headphone are plugged (was lowered)
Video: fix some MPEG2 files not playing correctly on A28
Video: fix seeking in AVI with layer2 VBR sound
MusicPlayer: display track number (like "3/10") for A43/A70/A101
Videoplayer: fix folder play mode with HD video
Subtitles: auto detect UTF8 codepage
Storage: remove disk damage notification happening sometimes even after a successful file system check
Peripherals: display a notification when plugging a USB device that requires more than 100mA current for A28/A32/A70 to provide feedback that it is not supported (e.g. some USB keys)
Battery: improve prediction of wake up time to shutdown the product when battery is low
Proxy: http proxy support has been fixed
Phone tethering: increase compatibility with Blackberry phones (introduction of a setting to enable TCP/IP header compression)

我本來要訂 asus eee pad transformer 但是沒貨,如果 archos 能夠繼續更新韌體,也許我不需要再買新的~
2011-04-13 16:42
Archos 真有心

我用S5pro發現心臺灣~ Future的放送未來

joelotest wrote:


一開始看到版本編號還以為是更新到android 2.3,結果證明還是2.2


Archos 真是不錯,買到現在絲毫沒後悔過!! 只是價錢能再親民點就更好了。
據說Archos也要出第9代產品了, 1.6Ghz 雙核3g 預計6月份面世。
Archos 7c Home Tablet 1.2Ghz 直上 Android 2.3
Archos 70IT 和 Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 價錢差不多, 真難選擇
Archos 又更新了, 2.3.26版 Change log 如下:

Wi-Fi: fix cannot scan on an access point above channel 11 regression
Phone tethering: fix TCP/IP header compression setting crash
System stability: avoid Android reboot in case of missing audio
Media library: fix media libray not updated on hard drive based A70
Notification: decrease low battery notification volume
Application: attempt to solve Pandora application not able to switch songs
Application: solve music lag in applications using OGG format
Bluetooth GPS: increase compatibility with 3rd party applications
Display: avoid white/black screen happening sometimes when switching back the display on

Quarsar wrote:
Archos 又更新...(恕刪)

希望 Adobe 早點認證 Archos 這台機器,早日發揮 YouTube 硬體加速的功能!
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