Ex-UK Envoy: US Deceived by Mossad's Fabricated Intelligence on Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A former British ambassador underlined that Britain has not had access to any conversation or document showing that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government has used chemical weapons against its citizens, and said that the US has been deceived by the Israeli spy agency Mossad’s fabricated documents.
Former British Envoy to Uzbekistan Craig John Murray wrote on his personal website that although the UK has the most advanced electronic tapping post on the Mountainous Troodos region of Cyprus which monitors all radio, satellite and microwave traffic across the Middle East, ranging from Egypt and Eastern Libya right through the Caucasus, it has not picked up anything because no such thing existed and Mossad has fabricated it.

“It is therefore very strange, to say the least, that John Kerry claims to have access to communications intercepts of Syrian military and officials organizing chemical weapons attacks, which were not available to the British Joint Intelligence Committee,” Murray said

The GCHQ listening post on Mount Troodos in Cyprus is arguably the most valued asset which the UK contributes to UK/US intelligence cooperation. The communications intercept agencies, GCHQ in the UK and NSA in the US, share all their intelligence reports (as do the CIA and MI6).

“Israel has repeatedly been involved in the Syrian civil war, carrying out a number of illegal bombings and missile strikes over many months. This absolutely illegal activity by Israel- which has killed a great many civilians, including children - has brought no condemnation at all from the West,” he said.

Israel has now provided “intelligence” to the United States designed to allow the United States to join in with Israel’s bombing and missile campaign.

Troodos is valued enormously by the NSA. Even almost all landline telephone communication in this region is routed through microwave links at some stage, picked up on Troodos.

“Troodos is highly effective – the jewel in the crown of British intelligence. Its capacity and efficiency, as well as its reach, is staggering. The US do not have their own comparable facility for the Middle East. I should state that I have actually been inside all of this facility and been fully briefed on its operations and capabilities, while I was head of the FCO Cyprus Section in the early 1990s. This is fact, not speculation,” Murray said.

On one level the explanation is simple. The intercept evidence was provided to the USA by Mossad, according to my own well placed source in the Washington intelligence community. Intelligence provided by a third party is not automatically shared with the UK, and indeed Israel specifies it should not be.

But the inescapable question is this. Mossad have nothing comparable to the Troodos operation. The reported content of the conversations fits exactly with key tasking for Troodos, and would have tripped all the triggers.

“How can Troodos have missed this if Mossad got it? The only remote possibility is that all the conversations went on a purely landline route, on which Mossad have a physical wire tap, but that is very unlikely in a number of ways - not least nowadays the purely landline route,” Murray argued.

The answer to the Troodos Conundrum is simple. Troodos did not pick up the intercepts because they do not exist. Mossad fabricated them.

John Kerry’s “evidence” is the shabbiest of tricks. More children may now be blown to pieces by massive American missile blasts. It is nothing to do with humanitarian intervention. It is, yet again, the USA acting at the behest of Israel.



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German spy agency sees Assad behind gas attack, cites phone call
>>they are allies since post-war ages ..ain't they?

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所以普丁也說了 只要有更強烈的證據(而非目前美法總統府網站所有人都能點閱的那種純文字書面資料)他支持軍事制裁 而今年三月多時也傳出"反抗軍"使用化武 網路上也有許多反抗軍反人權的行為視頻(當然可以說政府軍造假 然而vice versa) 為何沒有任何主流媒體追蹤或歐美政府譴責呢?
BTW 我不是反美人士~~我也沒有並沒要幫中俄粉飾他們同樣對政府軍暴行視而不見的行為(同時 他們也有他們的軍火利益考量) 只是說用一個客觀角度去看 整件事很難說那方是多正義的~~~


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