Xado on my 2010 M35X

As I told before I put XADO on my son's 2007 G35S twice (one was in 2017 spring and one was this spring) and both had very good results. So I decided to put XADO on my wife's 2010 M35X last Friday. Believe it or not. Today she already told me her car became a little bit faster...

The below is famous car TV show in USA. The first time I saw this show was 30 years ago when I was studying my master degree. So I chose to trust them...

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By the way if your car's head gasket is weak, you should skip it because XADO will restore your engine compression somewhat which will also increase your internal pressure inside your engine. The higher pressure may destroy your worn head gasket if your engine is really old or had overheat before...

Actually XADO performs much better on older cars but you need to make sure your old car engine is still healthy...
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This morning I told my wife "This is only the beginning. The whole treatment will take 1500 kms. So there will be much more surprises on the way..."

PS: Just hope she will not try to race with Tesla AGAIN!!!
In my opinion XADO and old but still healthy Japanese engines are a perfect match!!!
Recently I have driven many new cars like ES300h, IS300, NX300, etc. So I decided to drive my wife's 2010 M35X to find the differences.

Steering - Lexus feels better on straight roads but M feels as good on mountain roads if not better.

Handling - IS is better, ES, NX is good and M is also good.

Damping - IS, ES is much better. NX is much better on bad roads but less composed when accelerating, braking, turning due to its taller body...

Body roll - IS is better. ES/NX is a little better.

Brake - All are good. I think comparing with other cars M was very good 12 years ago. Now M is still good comparing with new cars.

I think M really needs better damping even when it's new. Its springs are stiff enough. Sway bars are OK although better if a little stiffer. In fact its problem is not on mountain roads but cursing on highway and road condition become bad...

I also notice that the damping on these new Japanese cars are getting better recently. That's a good thing!!!
When my wife changed from 2000 Maxima(only with Koni dampers + H&R springs) to 2010 M35X in early 2012. She kept complaining her new M was unstable and difficult to drive... Strangely M performed very well on race track and even faster than E500.(Please see the below video) I think M's handling is good. It just feel unstable on highways when the road becomes rough... But that's 15 years ago. Now these Japanese cars become better and their dampers are also much better now...

Actually Japan can make sports dampers. In the past they just couldn't make firm dampers which also provide reasonable comfort. I think Nissan adopted soft dampers on M which has stiff springs. The reason was for comfort because M was a premium sedan, not a sport car. So as a result unsettled ride... Now I think these Japanese cars are much better and balanced... (They are slow but will still make it eventually... So we have to be more patient if we want to use their products...)
I think M's steering is very good on mountain roads although a little too soft on straight roads. Almost as good as my new GSF's !!! Actually many auto reviewers said GSF's steering was excellent...

That's why I didn't like steering on Acura in the past. (Too little feel) Not sure now? I also didn't like Altima's steering. Nissan adopted total different steering on Altima and Murano but Maxima's steering was good. Not sure about new Altima. Maybe Nissan also put their best steering on new Altima... If they does, then I think Maxima will become really nonsense... because Altima is as good as Maxima now... (two same products with two different names???)
I also think Koni dampers are really good. My wife had drove 2000 Maxima with Koni+H&R in Taiwan for at least 5 years. When she changed to stock 2010 M35X in USA, she didn't say anything about more comfortable ride from new M... (She just complaint unstable ride on new M...)

Actually the new M is RWD with much better chassis.(alloy double A arms front and rear) It is definitely MUCH more balanced and better than that old Maxima. Just those so so dampers ruin the whole M... (Of course stiffer H&R springs also help...)
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