new iPad/iPhone 4s 最重要的新功能:bluetooth 4

computerworld:總算出現了神奇的 iPad 了

下面是 Computerworld 那篇文章關於 新 iPad/與 iPhone 4 的部份翻譯:

新 iPad/iPhone 4s比前一代 增加增快許多東西, 如銀幕解析度,如 Ipad 的4G LTE, iPhone4s 的 “4G” 速度,, 相機解析度,速度, 記憶體等,
但是那些東西都是原來舊有東西的加強版, 不算新功能

真正原來沒有的是 iPad/iPhone 4s 的 bluetooth 4, 蘋果的 iPhone/iPad 常常大多數時間不是最早採用
新規格的, 但是 新 iPad 與 iPhone 4s 卻是業界第一個用 bluetooth 的, 當然 iPhone 4/新 iPad 也是業界第一個用 高解析度銀幕的, 所以那兩樣東西一定有特別的重要性

Android 的使用者常常會抱怨蘋果常常比別人晚用新東西,
但是蘋果的設計總監 Jonathan Ive 曾經跟英國媒體說過 蘋果的競爭對手之所以不能像蘋果一樣成功
是因為他們把加新或與眾不同的功能當第一目標, 那是錯誤的,

Buletooth 4 之所以會比同業先加, 是因為它帶來極大的優勢,至少有下面數個優點:

1。 超省電, 一些 iPad/iPhone/iPod 的 BT4 週邊可以 很多年都不需要換電池或用超小的普通手錶/助推器電池,或像耳機, 本來 幾天需要充一次電的現在幾個禮拜才需要充一次, 或BT4 週邊的電池可以用更輕更小的, BT4 的鍵盤可能在 iPad 用壞前都不需要再充電

2,BT4 週邊與 新iPad/iPhone 4s一旦一開始設好後, 以後不主要自己動手去 pair, 只要在距離內,

3。BT4 也讓 有 BT4的 Wi-Fi 連接 更簡單, 只需要使用者的允許, 其他的雜事如網路設定等, 那些 BT4 週邊 可以透過 BT4 自己搞定

One common complaint about Apple's mobile devices by fans of alternatives, such as those based on Google's Android operating system, is that Apple is slow to include new technologies. And it's true. In fact, Apple's industrial design chief, Jonathan Ive, told a British newspaper this week that Apple's competitors don't succeed like Apple does because they're too "interested in doing something different, or want to appear new." Those are the wrong goals, he said.

But the new Bluetooth can do so much more than connect a clunky earpiece. Bluetooth 4.0 isn't just a little better than the version currently built into most mobile devices. It's massively better.

Bluetooth 4.0 has an extremely low-energy feature, which means supporting gadgets can run off wristwatch batteries, or hold charges for years, rather than weeks. For example, Bluetooth 4.0 enables wireless headsets that last weeks between charges. And it means that headsets can be a fraction of the size.

Wireless iPad keyboards don't have to be charged at all for the life of the iPad, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0.

Another magic trick Bluetooth 4.0 performs is that it allows pairing and data exchange without user involvement. If the user has granted permission in advance, two Bluetooth 4.0 devices can connect and sync data without even informing the user, just by being in range.

Bluetooth 4.0 also, ironically, even simplifies the connection of Wi-Fi devices. Right now, adding a Wi-Fi gadget often requires users to hand-enter configuration information. To oversimplify, Bluetooth 4.0 enables new Wi-Fi devices to get configuration information automatically; instead of asking the user, Bluetooth 4.0 enables devices to communicate configuration information with each other. The only user involvement required is permission.

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