BlackBerry (Android) - [新聞] IDC分析師預估 BlackBerry 2017年只賣出了 85萬支手機,跟 Essential 差不多 - 手機


[新聞] IDC分析師預估 BlackBerry 2017年只賣出了 85萬支手機,跟 Essential 差不多

BlackBerry declares ‘mission accomplished’ with KeyOne despite anemic sales
A mere 850,000 BlackBerrys shipped in all of 2017

"IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo, the same person who brought us word of Essential’s appalling sales last year, also has a number for shipped BlackBerry devices during 2017. This is rather difficult to obtain these days, given that BlackBerry’s mobile market share is only a fraction of a percentage point and the brand no longer appears on any lists of top-selling device manufacturers. According to Jeronimo, BlackBerry devices — all of them, not just the KeyOne — achieved a pitiful 850,000 shipments in all of last year. That’s superior only to the Essential Phone’s total shipments for the year, and that company didn’t even exist for most of 2017. By comparison HMD Global managed to sell 4.4 million Nokia-branded phones in just the fourth quarter of the year."

怕是高階品再配上個比iphone X還高的定價呀!
kt60402 wrote:
覺得文章有小幫助請不吝給分吧! MBP + iPhone8 + D700/E-M5

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