Test Drive Q50: My thoughts vs Volvo V60; BMW 3 series

Dearest all, I apologize to use English as it is easier and faster than my Chinese. Your feedback and comments in either Chinese or English is much welcome

I want to share my personal thoughts after test drove the Infiniti Q50 yesterday at Taoyuan Infiniti. It capture some of my observation and feeling. Again, very personal. Subjective.

Q50 delivers a smooth, well dampened city driving experience. Acceleration was good in city driving with pud holes well absorbed and dampened. My Volvo V60 bounced too much. Interesting is when the car first get ignited, how much of a vibration during ignition was observed. But that is quite minor.

As we pulled the car into Highway 2 towards Hightway 3 heading east, I step on the accelerator to test the acceleration. The car screamed. But the pick up was fast though not that swift. Q50 is equipped with a high aspect ratio 225/55/R17 in basic trim. It is quite ironic that Infinite wants you to believe that this is a sports car and yet the tire is not. These Bridgestone punctual resistance/proof (not sure how to say that) tires is one of the biggest problem of the dynamic response of the car.

As I pulled up the highway, pulling the speed up to 140kph, I have the make a lane change, the car responded, but as I corrected myself after overtaking, I can feel the tire, acting on the reverse pull. It is annoying. As I slowed myself down to 110/100 kph, I can feel the rotation of the tires, at times, causing dynamic shift to the stability of forward velocity of the car. In simple terms, not very straightline stable. It is a shame, because FR is supposed to provide this silky smooth push force during cruising. Even my V60, perform brilliantly well in this respect. As I contine the journey, testing yet again on the acceleration and overall performance. I can help but feel "What a damned heavy car this is!"

The beauty of the German Engineering, although very much blow out of proportion, is how they can make their car, so swift, stable and yet light and nimble. This is an area where vehicle dynamic is what the Japanese premium maker lack. The Q50 has beautiful numbers on its specification, with Mercedes transferred engine and tranmission but it simply could not demonstrate that in the car you drive. Comparing with similiar engine equipped Mercedes C or E200/250, the German provide you a much more balanced acceleration with very smooth and yet increasing acceleratio that make you feel that you are in control. Infiniti Q50 feels really heavy and slow. I want to say maybe it is the tires as well as the body weigth of 1.68 ton. I am not too sure but just wanting to share my PERSONAL thoughts on it.

Overall, this is an attactive car with very nice muscle line on its side. The front looks nice and ok and the tail, speaks of the same language as KODO of Mazda, with more refined taste.
The BOSE system is great but the basic model hifi is so so. Actually a lot worse than my base Volvo model (not the premium one)
Back seat is superb with nice seating surface lengthened Legroom is ok. But the front seat design is not to my liking. It has a very shadow back, making the seat very small and the non-adjustable headrest (aside from height), push your head and neck out in the straight position which I don't like it very much.

Personally, I think the BMW316i at around the same price, deliver a much better driving experience than the Q50. More so, I simply do not feel that the Q50 is a FR car. It is strange how that best attributes could be missed from a driver's point of view. On the other hand, every BMW or Mercedes, if they are FR, shows that very well and apparent to the driver.

I wished Infiniti could consider some weight reduction. BTW, the window noise was not that spectacular as well. I don't quite know where the weight was added. The weigth plus that stupid tires really makes a bad impression of this car to me. I mean, if you have TMPS equipped why bothered with such tires in Taiwan?

Comments and constructive feedbacks are always welcome! Thank you for reading
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celestar wrote:
Dearest al...(恕刪)

Such driving experience on highway I have ever had before. Based on my personal experience, it means the Dynamic driver assistance switch is working. Here is the manual description.

Dynamic driver assistance switch
The LDP system turns on when the dynamic driver assistance switch on the steering wheel is pushed when the [Lane Departure Prevention] is enabled in the settings menu
on the lower display. The driver assist system lane indicator (green) illuminates in the vehicle information display when the LDP system is turned on.

When the system detact factors may cause damage for your safty, it may take control the break and acceleration. Once in a while, I am confused what is going on there. You may take some time to acquainted with the system control to catch the balance point of break and speeding control at driving.

The tire may be a concern. Hope the experty may help you more here.







ace2008 wrote:

如果是Q50 2.0T跟WRX選擇,個人會推薦WRX,因為日產的招牌在VQ引擎,2.0T的運轉品質無論聲音或震動,都有些類似柴油引擎,一反日產精緻的引擎質感,而且我個人猜想您在Q50跟WRX抉擇,應該是168版本的Q50對吧?168的配備少了很多,只留下最基本的部分,跟WRX有比較大的差距是內裝質感與隔音,既然如此那不妨犧牲掉隔音與內裝,換取更好的性能與車體動態,加上兩個品牌知名度都一樣爛,雖說INFINITI歸類在豪華車款,但其實沒差哈哈。
gn019202492000-二代 wrote:
如果是Q50 2.0T跟WRX選擇...(恕刪)

感謝您的建議,我正是要選168的版本,目前的S60也是最陽春版,個人現在需求包袱感好的座椅, 藍芽操控, AWD/FR, 還有power!





Are you a ABC or a Taiwanese? You demonstrated a very good writing in English and it's the only one thread I can finished reading on it.

Although you were talking about Q50, however, as I am a user of Infiniti G series, and yes, you are right, tires are the problem.





Thank you Mobilecom for your comments.
I am pretty sure what I observed was not due to that electronic protection cutting in.
I observed the instability after slowing down as well as during the pick-up.
I am scheduled for another test drive after my business trip tomorrow.
I hope, as objectively as possible, provide some feedback again to all reader. Guys like you makes this a wonderful forum to share ideas and feelings.
Dear Elias,

I am neither a Taiwanese nor ABC. I am actually born in Taiwan but grew up in Singapore and later work and educated in USA and currently, I work in the electronic industry in Taiwan. I thank you for your kind comments. I was once criticized by others for writing English on this forum, which I thought was strange but I guess people do have temper!

Your comments/feedbacks on Infiniti is indeed appropriate and much pertinent. Somehow, I simply find it hard to understand how the Japanese interpret luxury performance sports sedan. Like some other reader, I really don't understand where the weight add-on was. My V60 has double plate glass for all its window (the entire car) and it has better sound insulation that the Q50 despite it being a diesel at cruising.

Some reader agreed that tire may be a concern and I tend to agreed. I actuall ask the sales to quote selling me without the tires! HaHa.

In my observation, the advent of Lexus and Infiniti and to a lesser extent, Acura, woke up the German makers and propel them to be more focused and attentive. BMW in paricular, becomes more agile to entertain the market demand and continue to push their technology ahead of the Japanese. I also think that the Japanese made some serious mistake and over-betting on hybrids and over-dependent on USA market. Infiniti and Lexus to some extent, continue to deliver those 3.5cc or 3.7cc engine because our good friend in USA loves them! Lexus was smart to invest in hybrids but Infinite, despite its very stylish car design language, lagged. Both Japanese makers as well as Honda, are way slow to bring up peppy low displacement-low pressure turbo petrol engine. Even Mercedes used to have 1.8cc CGI which is really a nice and peppy powerplant. Toyota is finally catching up and hopefully they do it right somehow.

Anyway, I drifted away from the subject. I will give myself another chance to schedule a test drive next week. I would be delighted to share more.
No, I have no experience at all with Infiniti G series or others. The closest thing was during my employment time in USA West Coast, I nearly bought a i30 - the Infiniti version of the infamous Nissan Cefiro!
I just can't agree more but admit Q50's industrial design is excellent. The product positioning of Q50 are sporty performance with luxuery package. In marketing's perspective, it hits the point. From customer's view like me, lots quality improvement must taking care of. I strongly recommand you to test drive the car as many times as you wish to sense the driving experience you want. From my point of view, yes, it does take care my safty and that is all i need. Ten years later, if Lexus G install the safty package as Q50 has, it will be the time to drop Q50. I enjoy sporty not noisy. Soundproofing of Q50 is a mass. Take a look at the bottom of the driving wheel, you may understand someting. Since I am no more resident in science park for years, I recommand you to drive safe in Taiwan. Should you need my help, let me know.

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