Very old used M35!!!

I think this guy really love his Fuga(M35). This car is just like my wife's M35X but my wife's M also comes with a newer engine(VQ35HR) plus AWD...

By the way my wife says that she still loves its exterior and interior even though it's very old now. (This generation M began at late 2004!!! It's around 15 years ago... )

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Got it. Thanks.
Yesterday my wife kept talking her M's braking. She mentioned she encountered an urgent situation and did a very strong emergent braking on M. It seems that she was very satisfied with her M's braking. She said her M stopped very quickly and quicker than she expected.

I didn't modify her M's brake. I just replaced OEM pads with Hawk HPS pads and that's it. Of course I also put a set of good tires on it (Michelin PILOT SPORT A/S 3+) which could be most sticky tires except summer performance tires (but summer tires usually get much shorter life) since I know she may drive her M quite fast sometimes...

This car is almost 10 years old but only 80K kms now. Her M didn't have any problem except its air conditioner. I recharged it with AC Pro (about 40USD after rebate) in early summer 2017. Now my wife still says its air conditioner is AS COLD AS ICE!!!
I would like to add some of my stories in the past.

Case 1. I did an emergent stop on highway because the front car stopped suddenly. The car behind me was a STI. The STI driver immediately steered his/her car to highway shoulder to avoid the crash.

Case 2. Again I did an emergent stop on highway because the front car stopped suddenly. The car behind me was a Civic. I saw that Civic stopped quite nicely but what I really couldn't understand on that Civic was that it just stopped there when all the cars started to move slowly. I kept checking my mirror and that Civic didn't begin to move at all. Not sure why? That Civic just stopped there until it disappeared in my mirror!?!

Case 3. I did an emergent stop on city roads because the front car stopped suddenly. The car behind me was VW and it stopped nicely. However the car behind VW was a very old Maxima. I could hear that Maxima's tires squealled loudly and finally hit that VW behind me!?!

I think my 2007 G35S's brake was good but maybe too good for some people...
OK. I would like to add some comments on differences between GSF and G again (Toyota vs Nissan) ...

In GSF I have to use more foot force to get similar braking power than in G. I think it's not a bad thing. That means the braking power in GSF is more easier to modulate which is good on race tracks. In G I only apply little foot force and get very good braking power. That's easier in daily use but it may become difficult on race tracks because I may need to control braking power more precisely on race tracks...

Similar the throttle control in my G is much more aggressively. So it will push me to drive my G fast, always. In GSF the throttle control is much more linear. So I can control when I really want to push my car to the limit...
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I would like...(恕刪)

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Hawk HPS... But you need more foot force when your car speed is below 40 km/h and the outside temperature is very cold (like below 15 degree) and your engine and brake is also cold...
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Comparing with this Passat I think my 2007 G35S and 2010 M35X are MCUH MUCH MUCH... better...

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